Jūratės Namai was designed by one of the most prominent Lithuanian architects Rimas Adomaitis. He is well known as an author of progressive ideas and excellently implemented projects of various scopes.

During the design stage of Jūratės Namai lots of attention was dedicated to its architecture. We tried to preserve the historical heritage of the city and combine it with modern solutions of the twenty-first century.... „Rimo koncepcija“

We have noticed that often our customers, especially female customers, complain that they cannot choose an apartment in Palanga which would not only meet but also pleasantly exceed their expectations. We are very glad when people look for more than just “one’s own place” but keep searching for houses which contain solutions offering high level of comfort and special vacation spirit. Therefore, during the project stage the architects had a goal to design high standard houses with exceptional features for vacationing.

We know how important it is to design rooms of appropriate size, i.e. practical: spacious; yet, not too large living room with a kitchen and dining room, comfortable bathroom with more than just a shower cubicle, and bedrooms that can function as general living rooms during daytime.

We paid a lot of attention to the apartment planning. Together with the architects we attempted to use every square meter to its maximum potential. We believe we have achieved great results: well-balanced apartments with areas ranging from 20 to 79 square meters were designed.

Private terraces and spacious balconies are integral elements of vacation rentals. Here you can spend the evenings with your friends or family and enjoy the pure air of the seaside.

The residents of the first floor will enjoy private entrances to the apartments. This will grant the apartments and terraces special features which will make your rest exceptionally comfortable and the time spent here joyful and memorable.

During the design state we have decided to use only high quality durable materials that are certified in the market. We hold a long-term vision and seek to ensure that Jūratės Namai serve you for many years to come and always look great even when aged by as many as 20 or 30 years.

Large wooden windows will capture the fleeting rays of seaside sun and spread the light in the house making it seem more spacious. The wooden windows will be well appreciated by those who enjoy luxurious natural environment and coziness.

Stone tiles and similar finishing materials selected due to their excellent features, including durability, thermal insulation and ventilation ratios, and aesthetic appearance, were used for façade finishing works. They are durable, resistant to friction, snow, moisture and temperature changes, and especially suitable for the Lithuanian seaside climate conditions. Stone tiles grant the buildings luxurious and solemn appearance. One can be confident that due to these materials the buildings will retain an excellent look even after the passage of many years.

We have designed this holiday home having undertaken full responsibility and following high standards applied for residential areas. The location of Jūratės Namai gave us the obligation to look for professional solutions and select only the high quality materials. We sought to make the accommodation in this house with a high residual value so that vacationing in your own home in Palanga brought new life to your body and nurtured your spirit.




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