About the project


Jūratės House – for those who are in love with this unique town Palanga!

We have designed the perfect holiday home for you by combining the convenient location, modern architecture and progressive solutions for residential areas.

You will be drawn to come back again and again. This place will pull you into a turbulent life of holiday resort much like the sea goddess Siren who lures to plunge into a variety of entertaining activities and pleasures for both the body and the mind. Living at the very heart of the city will surely keep you entertained. Here you will not go on vacation but rather live it to the fullest!

This place is exceptional because it is the golden mean for those who enjoy passive rest and those who love being active. The Basanavičiaus Avenue with restaurants and other types of entertainment is at hand’s reach; however, no noise or large flows of holidaymakers will disturb when in need of peaceful rest.

The sea is no more than a few minute walk along the Jūratės Avenue which will be reconstructed this season.

Jūratės Namai is not designed for everyone: it is an exceptional home for those who know how to enjoy the true pleasures of life!