Cottages are designed by one of the best architects in Lithuania. Everything is planed and designed for your comfort and quality life in these houses. Each cottage has a private yard and outdoor terrace. Architects thought about everything you might need.  Terraces arranged for you to spend a summer evenings having fun with friends, to have a cup off coffe in the mornings or just chill and relax during the day. Each inner yard separated for your privacy. Every owner will have an opportunity to individually manage their environment. Each house has: electricity, gas, sewerage, and drainage installed. Six semi-detached houses, from 118 sq.m. up to 136 sq.m. living space, with 2-3 acres plot of land.

One of the most attractive and the most optimal size - 118 sq.m. cottage. Ground floor has 24 sq.m. kitchen with 20 sq.m. dining area  which is provided with an instalation for fire place,  to enjoy a cozy fire warmth during long winter evenings also there is an entrance to a terrace (from 13 sq.m. to 20 sq.m. ) staight from your dinning room. Bicycles and household items can be kept in two storage rooms on the first floor. Second floor has a spacious bedroom 17 sq.m. and two bedrooms of 12 sq. m. also bathroom - 9 sq.m. and laundry room - 4 sq.m.

136 sq. m. house has three floors. This cottage exceptionally attractive for it's roof terrace of 35 sq.m. and 24 sq. m. living space where you can install a bath, guest room or simply exquisite bedroom. The rooftop terrace will have a private space where you canenjoy the sun and also prepare a romantic dinner. Holiday homes gives you freedom to get out of the city when ever you want, avoiding planning, hotel reservations and pulling heavy luggage. You are buying not just a house, you are buying privacy, comfort and independence which you can enjoy here in Palanga!



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