About the project


When the contemporary style of life gets stressful it is very important for people to regain their strength, rest well and take up their works with a renewed vigor. However, people rest best in an environment arranged personally by them and including their favorite items. Thus, ones’ own holiday cottage is ideal for those who enjoy privacy, comfort and peace.

The cottages located at Žemaičių Street near the center of the City of Palanga are houses on the seaside with suitable conditions for both constant living and vacationing. Accommodation in cottages for vacations is especially convenient and appealing. They are spacious, yet, not too large. Caring for the small owned territory will not take up too much precious time of your vacation and the outdoor terrace will soon become the favorite gathering place for the entire family and friends.

The cottages are built among private houses. Even though the areas are not large the biggest advantages are the nearby shops, Basanavičiaus Avenue with restaurants and other types of entertainment, beautiful botanical garden, cultural center, cinema and other important places of the city.

Take a rest in your own cottage by the sea near the center of the city and experience the true joy of living!