On healthy living


Have you ever felt as though life is pointless, that you get tired very easily and that something is missing to make you feel happy?

You need time some time to yourself, a breath of fresh air and a good rest!

Both, in the summer and winter, the sea will strengthen and inspire you, will wash away your gloomy thoughts. You will return home like a newborn, with a smile, feeling the fullness of life.

Frequently we unnoticeably get trapped in our life's daily routine, get tangled in everyday worries ... and we forget ourselves, forget that we need to inspire and strengthen ourselves. It only takes a couple of hours walking along the seashore, and you will be flooded with a new force, you will feel the lightness of breath, and two weeks of swimming in the sea will supply you with energy for half of a year.

  • Mineral Sea Salts give the skin a special softness and elasticity. The iodine ions and salt steam cleans and softens respiratory tract - which is why it is so easy to breathe in the sea. In addition, moist and very clean sea air has a positive effect on the body by strengthening the immune system.
  • Swimming in the sea not only helps to get rid of excess weight but also improves joints and spine condition, increases muscle elasticity and body tone, improves flexibility. Spa specialists strongly recommend regular wave massage. Just lie down on the seashore close to the water and the coming waves will run over your body, massaging it.
  • It isn't only the swimming which is useful when on holiday by the sea, fast walks by the coast are great as they strengthen the immune system. To walk on soggy sand is not an easy task, and therefore this physical activity affects almost all muscle groups. Sand and small pebbles will massage active points on the soles of your feet making walking even more effective.
  • Experts say that sea water is very similar to the human blood plasma and it contains almost all of Mendeleev's periodic table elements. These are easily taken by the body, normalizing and revitalizing skin functions: adjusting the activity of sebaceous glands, supplying the skin with oxygen, increasing the amount of oxygen in cells, promoting the healing process, improving skins integrity, improving blood circulation, activating enzymes, removing blemishes, protecting against external influences, reducing swelling , cleaning, tightening, slowing down the aging processes and stimulating regeneration.

Come to Palanga! Choose your house here. Enjoy the healthy climate and sea for as long as the heart desires! Pack your clothes and simply go to your house by the seaside. Your own cosy environment - your comfortable bed, your favourite bike, and your crystal wine glasses with chilled wine will be waiting for you here. No rush, no rules. Your own keys, your own space. Purely your own house and everything here as you want it to be.

Love yourself, strengthen your health, take a break and relax in Palanga more often!!



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