About palanga


Palanga the largest and most famous Lithuanian seaside resort on the Baltic shore, 25 km north of Klaipeda. Palanga has become a well-known seaside resort because of several significant advantages. The broad and spacious bar of clean sand with a long chain of undulating dunes is ideal for sunbathing. The temperature is higher than the annual average in Lithuania, the clouds are fewer, and the sun's radiation is greater. The amounts of ozone and iodine, in the air are relatively high. Mineral water for drinking and for curative baths is obtained from an artesian well. The town is surrounded by pine-forests and stands between two hills associated with many legends. According to one of them, Birute, the wife of Prince Kestutis, was a priestess who guarded the sacred fire burning on an altar at Palanga. It is said that after the death of Kestutis (1382) she returned to her native place and was buried on the hill that was consequently named after her. The legend has become very popular among Lithuanians and lends a distinct romantic aura to Palanga.